Friday, May 05, 2006

I'm still here!

I've been neglecting this blog lately, so I thought I would post today. I actually had two migraines last month. Both after cross-country flights. Both after drinking vodka and orange juice on the plane (not a lot). I think I will be avoiding that particular beverage in the future! I have recently reduced (virtually eliminated) sugar from my diet (along with processed white bread, etc.) and I'm hoping that this change might improve my headache situation. I have read a few places that fluctuations in blood sugar can lead to migraines, so by eating low GI foods I hope to reduce mine.

I have decided not to go back to Dr. Alt Medicine for now- mostly due to the cost. I have been convinced all along that my minor health issues could be greatly improved by modifying my diet, so I'll give it a go. Meanwhile, allergy season is in full "bloom" here, but I'm taking my allergy medication religiously.

Comments, please: has anyone else found that eating low glycemic index foods reduces their migraines?

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