Thursday, August 03, 2006

Migraine:1, Me: 0

For the first time in MONTHS, I had a migraine today. And not just any ol' migraine, but one complete with auras. I was seeing the C-shaped pulsating rainbow zigzags, so I immediately took an Imitrex and came home. I slept for a couple hours- the headache never got too painful, but I was wiped out. I'll probably be up half the night, since I took that nap, too. By biggest dilemma is figuring out what triggered it. I've been eating pretty healthy lately and sticking to a mostly vegan diet. I ate a good amount of cheese yesterday- which I haven't been doing lately. And today had another sandwich with Provolone. It's hard to say if that was what did it, but you can be sure I'll be avoiding cheese more carefully than I have been (it's not vegan, anyway!)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

No Migraines!

I haven't had a migraine since those two flight back in April. I started taking this supplement a couple of months ago and I'm wondering if that is helping. I know that Candida overgrowth in the body can be linked to LOTS of health problems- including migraines (see this and this). Come to think of it, I haven't had many non-migraine headaches lately either. I went off my sugar-moratorium, but am still trying to eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. I strayed from this on our family vacation, but still no migraines. I'll be curious to see if this pattern continues. Here's what I've been eating lately.

On a good day, I eat:
breakfast: smoothie (frozen blueberries, banana, flax meal, stevia, cinnamon, fiber supplement, soymilk), decaf coffee
lunch: a BIG salad first (various veggies, sometimes beans, sunflower seeds, homemade dressing), then smaller serving of other foods (tofu, whole-grain wrap, or leftovers)
dinner: various things, but mostly homemade with lots of vegetables.

I left out any snacks, but I recently discovered this and this. They're so good, I keep checking the label to see that they really don't have dairy in them!

Friday, May 05, 2006

I'm still here!

I've been neglecting this blog lately, so I thought I would post today. I actually had two migraines last month. Both after cross-country flights. Both after drinking vodka and orange juice on the plane (not a lot). I think I will be avoiding that particular beverage in the future! I have recently reduced (virtually eliminated) sugar from my diet (along with processed white bread, etc.) and I'm hoping that this change might improve my headache situation. I have read a few places that fluctuations in blood sugar can lead to migraines, so by eating low GI foods I hope to reduce mine.

I have decided not to go back to Dr. Alt Medicine for now- mostly due to the cost. I have been convinced all along that my minor health issues could be greatly improved by modifying my diet, so I'll give it a go. Meanwhile, allergy season is in full "bloom" here, but I'm taking my allergy medication religiously.

Comments, please: has anyone else found that eating low glycemic index foods reduces their migraines?

Friday, April 07, 2006

Small Town gives me a headache

OK- so I've been traveling a lot lately and getting into headache-inspiring situations, but I haven't had ANY headaches (of any kind) at all until I come home to Small Town.
  • Chicago - headache on the drive there (from Small Town, of course)
  • Mexico City - bad air quality, hot weather - no headache
  • San Diego - sunny, windy, bad allergies, a cold - no headache
  • back home to Small Town - headaches return!
I am more convinced that they are allergy-related, but seemingly only for certain allergies (?) No migraines yet, but I feel them coming on daily...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

test results

I saw Dr. Alt-Medicine today and got my results from a blood test, hair analysis, & biological terrain assessment. I'm not sure what role any of this has in my headaches, but the hair analysis showed high levels of Aluminum, Cadmium, Uranium, & Titatium. I'm a bit alarmed about the U result! The Dr. said that he doesn't see that too often, so I'm wondering where I was exposed to it. The narrative that came with the results said that U can be in drinking water, root vegetables, and phosphate fertilizers. Hmmm... there's no way to get it out of my body, so I guess I am not going to worry about it. For the other heavy metals, he recommended chelation therapy. I can't do it because it is too expensive, too time-consuming, and I'm not entirely convinced that it is will help anything. He also suggested allergy treatment by total body modification. This I am considering at least a try... It is also pricey, but not as time consuming (or as expensive). Since I think my headaches are allergy-related, I am willing to go out on a bit of a limb for that one. I'll let you know. Other results- I have high cholesterol! Isn't that great that a vegetarian of over 14 years can have high LDL. My mom said it runs in our family, but I still think I will watch my saturated fat intake. BTW, my mercury levels are miniscule...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I think it's allergies...

Well, I've been back in Small Town for a whole three days and now I feel like I am getting a headache. My allergies have been bothering me since I got back (yes- I took my Allegra) and now my head is not feeling so spectacular. We'll see what Dr. Alt_Medicine says tomorrow. He already told me that I should have all of my silver fillings replaced because they leak mercury, but I am not convinced that this is the cause of my headaches (it seems seasonal to me). Not that I feel good knowing that mercury is leaking into my body, but I don't think it is giving me migraines. I'll let you know what he says...

Monday, March 20, 2006

first day of spring!

I haven't had a migraine in the last week, but I did have an all-day headache on March 8th. We drove about 5 hours to a conference and the headache continued most of the day. Maybe it was stress? I took a trip to Mexico City after that and had not even one tinge of a headache there. I found that kind of interesting, because the air quality was pretty bad and my sinuses were not very happy. However, no headaches. I also ate plenty of cheese on that trip, so I don't think mine are linked are cheese- unless there are additives in the U.S. that bother me that they don't use in Mexico. Back at home, my allergies have returned (and I forgot to take an Allegra last night), so we'll see how I do today. I had a sleeping-too-long headache yesterday, but no migraine.

We're celebrating spring with a winter storm warning!

From Weather Underground:

*Winter Weather Statement*

Expires 8:15 PM EST on March 20, 2006

Statement as of 10:56 AM EST on March 20, 2006

... Winter Storm Warning remains in effect from 11 PM this evening
to 7 PM EST Tuesday...

A mix of snow... sleet and freezing rain is expected to develop
after midnight tonight. This wintry mix will change to snow early
on Tuesday. Total snow accumulation of 3 to 5 inches is expected
by Tuesday evening.

Remember... a Winter Storm Warning means severe winter weather
conditions are imminent or highly likely.

Monday, March 06, 2006

falling off the chocolate wagon

I've been trying to eat healthier, but had a nice helping of Dutch milk chocolate today. I've never noticed a connection between my chocolate consumption and migraines, so I should be fine. Other food:
  • breakfast- whole-grain cold cereal with Silk
  • lunch- Indian buffet!
  • dinner (still full from Indian)- sandwich (fake meat, cheese on whole wheat)
  • other- chocolate (above) and hot cocoa (Dutch cocoa, organic sugar, vanilla Silk) Do you notice a theme, here?
I'm not expecting a headache, so the blog may go a bit off-track for a while! I'll post more later about an alternative medicine Dr. I saw recently.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

migraines over(?)

It has been my experience that I usually get into patterns of getting migraines day after day and once I am out of the pattern, I am fine for a while. I am hoping that I am now out of the pattern. Not even a hint of a headache yesterday.

More food tracking for yesterday:
  • breakfast- sesame bagel with hummus, decaf coffee
  • lunch- leftovers (tofu casserole, penne with vodka sauce), yogurt with bananas
  • dinner- Thai food (spring rolls, spicy green bean tofu, vegetable curry)
  • snack during a movie- popcorn with nutritional yeast and one beer (Sam Adams)
I probably didn't drink enough water yesterday- I really have to make an effort when it's cold. I'll try to be better today! Oh yeah- also walked 3.5 miles yesterday!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

welcome to the weekend

I got through yesterday without a migraine, so I am quite happy. I ended up drinking a half-caf soy latte (I usually drink decaf ONLY), since I felt like I was fighting a headache early in the day. No headache, but I felt pretty crazy yesterday afternoon! I think I'll stay completely away from the caffeine for a while. I quit drinking it last Spring and think it has made me feel much better in general- no jittery, shaky, starvation feeling before lunch. I still drink tea and coffee, but stick to the decaf.

What I ate yesterday after breakfast:
I don't know if my headaches are food-triggered or not, but I'm trying to keep track, just in case!

Friday, March 03, 2006

so far so good today

I am feeling a bit light-headed, so I know I am not out of the woods, yet. I had a nutritious breakfast of oatmeal, topped with sliced almonds, cinnamon sugar, & flax seed meal and I am trying to drink lots of water. I also took an Allegra, since my sinuses have been acting up (damn this mild winter, we're having!). I have to go into school later to watch student presentations, but I hope to take a quick walk on the treadmill first.

I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

recovered in time for lunch

Well, that was a doozy. I spent most of the morning in bed, including some time sleeping (I'm sure I'll never get to sleep tonight) . I didn't take a second Imitrex. I really don't like taking medication and only do it if I am feeling really awful.

One other thing I remembered about yesterday's eating: I had lunch out (Mexican- cheese enchilada with rice & beans).

OK- back to work (since I lost all morning!)

headache started around 8:45 AM

I've known for some time that I should keep a diary of my headaches to see if I can figure out what triggers them. I'll try to use this blog that way. I am about to take to my 2nd Imitrex and I have an ice bag on my head.

Possible Triggers:
  • weather change- pressure is rising, temperature is falling
  • allergies- I seem to be having allergy symptoms lately
  • hormones- it's about that time of the month
  • food- nothing out of the ordinary today or yesterday
Nothing obvious here, but maybe the hormones... I had a nasty migraine in late December that was timed in a similar way. I have a lot of work to do, but looking at the computer is feeling pretty bad. Maybe after I take another pill.

More later...