Sunday, March 05, 2006

migraines over(?)

It has been my experience that I usually get into patterns of getting migraines day after day and once I am out of the pattern, I am fine for a while. I am hoping that I am now out of the pattern. Not even a hint of a headache yesterday.

More food tracking for yesterday:
  • breakfast- sesame bagel with hummus, decaf coffee
  • lunch- leftovers (tofu casserole, penne with vodka sauce), yogurt with bananas
  • dinner- Thai food (spring rolls, spicy green bean tofu, vegetable curry)
  • snack during a movie- popcorn with nutritional yeast and one beer (Sam Adams)
I probably didn't drink enough water yesterday- I really have to make an effort when it's cold. I'll try to be better today! Oh yeah- also walked 3.5 miles yesterday!

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