Monday, March 20, 2006

first day of spring!

I haven't had a migraine in the last week, but I did have an all-day headache on March 8th. We drove about 5 hours to a conference and the headache continued most of the day. Maybe it was stress? I took a trip to Mexico City after that and had not even one tinge of a headache there. I found that kind of interesting, because the air quality was pretty bad and my sinuses were not very happy. However, no headaches. I also ate plenty of cheese on that trip, so I don't think mine are linked are cheese- unless there are additives in the U.S. that bother me that they don't use in Mexico. Back at home, my allergies have returned (and I forgot to take an Allegra last night), so we'll see how I do today. I had a sleeping-too-long headache yesterday, but no migraine.

We're celebrating spring with a winter storm warning!

From Weather Underground:

*Winter Weather Statement*

Expires 8:15 PM EST on March 20, 2006

Statement as of 10:56 AM EST on March 20, 2006

... Winter Storm Warning remains in effect from 11 PM this evening
to 7 PM EST Tuesday...

A mix of snow... sleet and freezing rain is expected to develop
after midnight tonight. This wintry mix will change to snow early
on Tuesday. Total snow accumulation of 3 to 5 inches is expected
by Tuesday evening.

Remember... a Winter Storm Warning means severe winter weather
conditions are imminent or highly likely.

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