Saturday, June 09, 2007

Summertime is Migrainetime...

After a long hiatus from migraines, I had a killer one yesterday. I can only guess it was a combination of lack of sleep (D woke me up at 3:45 AM and I never slept well after that), allergies (mine have been terrible), heat (it was in the 80s and REALLY muggy yesterday), and overly ambitious exercise (I walked 3 miles at 6:00 am- outside). I was really tired when I took MM (my visiting mother-in-law) shopping yesterday afternoon. We went to Costco for her eye exam, got some glasses, then did a little shopping before heading home. It was on the drive home that my head starting really hurting. I had Imitrex with me, but couldn't easily access it in my purse, so I waited until we got home to take it. I went straight to bed, but was in so much agony that I couldn't sleep. It was almost two hours of suffering like that. I finally took a second Imitrex, despite feeling nauseous. I drank a diet coke on the drive home and I think that was a mistake. It didn't stay with me long, but after getting sick, I was finally able to sleep. I spent some time lying on the bathroom floor because it was only dark place in our room (no windows). I have never had a migraine like that. The pain was just excruciating and I so nauseous. I can only hope it doesn't happen again. Next time, I will pull over and take a pill!

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